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RevSEO is a massively powerful and easy to use, high PageRank, contextual HomePage linkbuilding service that will transform your website into a Search Engine Killer.

Over the past year we’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours developing the most exclusive and effective linkbuilding service available on the internet.

Our superior linkbuilding service places links on high PageRank websites. PageRank is the way Google measures a website’s “trust”. The more links you get from high PageRank locations, the better your search engine rankings will be. Best for your business, by far!

We know just how vastly superior our product is and we back our claim with a risk-free money back guarantee.

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Why RevSEO?

Simple! You get excellent value and maximum return on your investment, combined with the very best SEO linkbuilding and PageRank service available today!

Save Money

Look how much you will save with this example from our Extreme Membership package at only $297 a month. Individually, you can expect the following monthly amounts for the PageRank you get with RevSEO:

01 x PR7 $300 = $300
10 x PR6 $150 = $1,050
18 x PR5 $50 = $900
24 x PR4 $20 = $480
28 x PR3 $10 = $280

That’s a massive savings of at least $3,000 per month! Then you would still need to manage more than 80 relationships with websites to ensure they haven’t deleted the links you are paying for.

Save Time

Imagine the painstaking and time-consuming process to personally manage in excess of 80 relationships to make sure all your links exist and that the PageRank hasn’t been lost on the website.

We do all the work for you. RevSEO is truly a “Set It and Forget It” linkbuilding service that saves you time!

Patience and Care

To guarantee the very best success of your SEO campaign and maximum return for your business, we are patient and take special care to ensure that we develop your backlinks naturally.

A sound SEO strategy is not built overnight. It is rather a medium to long term investment over months, which we carefully monitor and manage, to gain the best results and added reassurance of the best rankings possible for your site.


RevSEO is often described as the “Ferrari or Lamborghini of linkbuilding”. There is simply no better linkbuilding service out there, and we are not even being biased!

So for finest in linkbuilding and PageRank services for your business, get RevSEO today!

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Look What You Get With RevSEO:

Best Possible Search Engine Rankings

Search Engines love links, especially homepage links from high PageRank domains. With RevSEO you get the best links possible: DoFollow, high PageRank contexual homepage links.

High PageRank Domains

All the websites we own have a PageRank of 3 or better! By using RevSEO, you will receive links from domains with a PageRank 3 to PageRank 7. These domains deliver the best possible value.

“Set It and Forget It” Linkbuilding

Once you’ve signed up for RevSEO and have submitted the necessary information to us, you will never have to lift a finger! We do all the work for you. We manually place the links for you on our highly trusted domains.

Link Diversity

We know the importance of link diversity and have created sites with diverse characteristics, TLDs (.com, .org, net, etc.) and much more for maximum value and return. Read our FAQ for more details.

Solid, Progressive Link Growth

Unlike many link services that simply create thousands of low quality links in a matter of hours, we build your high PageRank links over the course of 30-60 days, to ensure the most organic backlink profile possible.

Advanced SEO Techniques

Link networks are often poorly designed, leaving footprints that make them extremely vulnerable to exposure. We built RevSEO with leading and proven SEO strategies, allowing for privacy in design, to ensure that your links retain value, forever. Click here to learn more about our Network Design process.

Penguin & Panda Protection

We utilize advanced linkbuilding strategies that are Penguin & Panda compliant. Thus reducing any risk so that your website ranks well today, and well into the future. Regardless of the next major algorithm update.

Multiple URLs and Keywords

Link and anchor text diversity is vital for best ranking and visibility. RevSEO offers you the choice of multiple keywords and URLs with your order. Check out our Membership Options for more info.

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Backlink Privacy

Privacy is our number one security priority. To ensure that our sites always retain and pass along the most PageRank possible, we do not provide full detailed link reports.

Domain Management

We never stop building quality backlinks to the domains in our network. This ensures that our domains retain PageRank AND gain additional PageRank over time. With RevSEO on your side, your sites have direct access to, and benefit from, our superior domain management strategies.

Deep Linking

Professional and Extreme level RevSEO members will receive additional deep links from our websites’ inner pages with PageRank. This highly beneficial feature passes even more link juice to your websites.

DoFollow Backlinks

All of the links you receive from our powerful websites will be DoFollow, as opposed to lower value Nofollow links. This pivotal feature ensures that all of the PageRank will flow efficiently and seamlessly to your site.

No Contracts, Ever

We want to offer you peace of mind and the best value for your money. That is why when you sign up with RevSEO there are NO CONTRACTS and NO SETUP FEES. And because you are not bound by a contract, you are also free to cancel at any time.

Uptime Monitor

Monitoring and maintaining uptime is vital, so to ensure that all of our sites continue to maintain excellent uptime rates, we use an uptime monitor service to assure that our websites are always up.

No Spun Content

We make absolutely sure that the content around your links is readable and relevant to your keywords. We elminate all the crap spun content and only provide excellent content that ensures the most value for your anchor text links.

Much, Much More!

Because we are committed to staying at the very cutting edge of SEO technology, we constantly test advanced SEO strategies to ensure that our links provide you with the most value possible. We never stop in our relentless search for the very best linkbuilding strategies for you!

Mike S.

More Testimonials

RevSEO is the best link network I’ve ever used. Other link networks had websites with weak domain authority and zero anonymity protecting the sites. RevSEO’s link network consists of sites with lethal domain authority that helped me jump to page one for my extremely competitive keywords..”

Mike S., President, Surfer Site Online


Proven Ranking Results

Within a couple weeks of opening our doors our clients have had some truly astonishing results. We wanted to show you some remarkable behind the scenes Google ranking results from clients like YOU.

This client was extremely hesitant of our services like ours, in less than a month we moved their website from Page 2 to the number one spot!

We were blown away with these results, just like our client was. Our client wasn’t planning on results like these for atleast a few months, and we agreed based on our competitive analysis. Shortly after signing up for the Extreme Package this client went from #80 to #2! Needless to say, he’s been a client ever since.

After jumpstarting this linkbuilding campaign, our client moved from the bottom of Page 1 all the way to the top of Page 1 in a little less than two weeks!

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From position #6 to position #2, again in a matter of a few weeks!

This client had been trying to move this keyword to the number 1 position for nearly two years without any luck. With over 20,000,000 competing pages, it wasn’t going to be easy. With RevSEO he moved to the top spots within a few days.

Here’s another clients results, this particular client had a relatively new website targeting some competitive localized keywords. He had tried a variety of linkbuilding services, all that produced little to no results. Within less than one week RevSEO moved him to the top spot for his keyword

Did you know that roughly 50% of our clients have upgraded their packages or purchased additional packages before the first months over?


How Much is RevSEO Worth to You?

When we created RevSEO, our goal was to make the process of ranking within the search engines as easy as possible. We spent $40,000 over the past year to create the most powerful network of sites ever opened to the public.

With your RevSEO membership, you will receive exclusive access to PageRank 3 to PageRank 7 contextual homepage links. One link from PageRank 7 sites can cost as much $400 per month alone! Access to a link network of this caliber would normally cost you thousands of dollars per month, but we’re opening our doors for a very limited time and may never open them again!

With RevSEO, you are guaranteed that our pricing will never change for access to our extremely intimate linkbuilding service.

There has Never Been an Easier Way to Get Rankings in the Search Engines!
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More Testimonials

I’ve spent years in the muddy, murky internet marketing trenches. I’ve spent thousands of hours and dollars, flailing about, and pulling my hair out before eventually finding RevSEO. RevSEO has changed the way I look at linkbuilding..”

Danny F., Owner, Creative Agency


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  • 40

    40 Homepage Links from:

        5 PR6 domains
        9 PR5 domains
        12 PR4 domains
        14 PR3 domains

  • PR3-PR6

    PageRank3 – PageRank6

    Links will be from high PageRank domains ranging from PageRank3-PageRank6.

  • 3


    You’ll be able to use 3 keywords with this package.

  • 30 days

    Drip Feeding

    Links will be naturally drip fed to our network over a course of 30 days, this helps pass PageRank efficiently to your domain.

  • Yes



  • 50

    50 Homepage Links from:

        6 PR6 domains
        11 PR5 domains
        15 PR4 domains
        18 PR3 domains

  • PR3-PR6

    PageRank3 – PageRank6

    Links will be from high PageRank domains ranging from PageRank3-PageRank6.

  • 3


    You’ll be able to use 3 keywords with this package.

  • 30 days

    Drip Feeding

    Links will be naturally drip fed to our network over a course of 30 days, this helps pass PageRank efficiently to your domain.

  • +5/mo.

    Link Boosts

    We are constantly growing our network, you’ll receive an additional 5 homepage links from PR3-PR6 domains!

  • Yes



Most Popular

  • 60

    60 Homepage Links from:

        8 PR6 domains
        13 PR5 domains
        18 PR4 domains
        21 PR3 domains

  • PR3-PR6

    PageRank3 – PageRank6

    Links will be from high PageRank domains ranging from PageRank3-PageRank6.

  • 5


    You’ll be able to use 5 keywords with this package.

  • 45 days

    Drip Feeding

    Links will be naturally drip fed to our network over a course of 45 days, this helps pass PageRank efficiently to your domain.

  • +7/mo.

    Link Boosts

    We are constantly growing our network, you’ll receive an additional 7 homepage links from PR3-PR6 domains!

  • Yes



  • 80+

    80+ Homepage Links from:

        1 PR7 domain
        10 PR6 domains
        18 PR5 domains
        24 PR4 domains
        28 PR3 domains

  • PR3-PR7

    PageRank3 – PageRank7

    Only our Extreme members receive access to our exclusive PR7 domains, and the highest quality PR6 domains in our network. You also receive PR3-PR6 links like the other packages.

  • 7


    You’ll be able to use 7 keywords with this package.

  • 60 days

    Drip Feeding

    Links will be naturally drip fed to our network over a course of 60 days, this helps pass PageRank efficiently to your domain.

  • +10/mo.

    Link Boosts

    We are constantly growing our network, you’ll receive an additional 10 homepage links from PR3-PR7 domains!

  • Yes

All Major Credit Cards Accepted


Our Risk Free Guarantee!

Try RevSEO for 30 days. If you don’t rank higher, we’ll refund every penny.

We think that RevSEO is the best linkbuilding service available on the internet. Although, we’ll admit that we’re a little bit biased.That’s why we invite you to try RevSEO for 30 days. If you don’t rank higher than when you started, simply let us know and we’ll refund your full purchase price. No hard feelings. How does that sound?


RevSEO Member Questions

What is a contextual backlink?

Contextual links are backlinks that appear naturally within relevant content. These are the types of links that the search engines can’t get enough of and in turn pass the most PageRank to your domain.

Can you give me some sample URLs?

Absolutely not, we protect the privacy of our network and the confidentiality of our clients. By providing this list we’d potentially jeopardize both our clients and our websites.

What type of websites do you allow for your service?

We allow “family friendly” types of websites for our service. This means we don’t allow Adult/Porn, Illegal Software/Warez, and Pills/Pharmacy and may restrict access to other types of websites as well.

How long till I receive all of the links?

Links are placed naturally over the course of a 30-60 day period, depending on the package. This is to help cushion the quantity, and quality of links that your website receives.

Will I receive a detailed link report?

No. Like many other homepage link networks, we don’t provide a list of the sites with your links. This is to protect our network to ensure that it always provides the most PageRank to your website(s). Keep in mind that you will be able to see these links through tools like SEO Spyglass, Yahoo Site Explorer, SEO Majestic and many of the other popular link checking tools.

Advanced SEO?

What is the average domain age?

Our domains range from 2 years old all the way up to 15 years old!

Do you use different domain registrars?

Yes! Poorly designed link networks tend to use the same registrars for all of their domains, leaving a huge footprint. With our network we have domains spread over 5 separate registrars!

What kind of backlinks do the domains in the network have?

We make sure that we have domains with the best backlink portofolios possible. We have sites with over 100k natural backlinks from sources like Gizmodo, Microsoft, Nokia and many that have naturally built .gov & .edu backlinks!

Do you use the same hosting account for all of the domains?

Most 'SEO Hosting' providers are typically down frequently and offer extremely slow website load times. Therefore, we utilize a variety of hosting accounts from different companies to help keep our sites load times minimal and your link profile as unique as possible.

Do you use different class C IP addresses?

We do even better than that, we utilize a variety of hosts which helps us diversify class A IPs, class B IPs, class C IPs and even the nameservers associated with the domains.

Will these domains be spammed with hundreds of outbound links?

No way! We keep our network spam free and limit the number of outbound links on the network. That keeps each and every link passing the most PageRank possible.

Are these permanent links?

Your links will remain active as long as the monthly payment has been received. Once this is stopped the links will also be removed.

Do you use domain privacy on your domains?

Heck yes! We even go above and beyond and use a few more tricks beyond privacy to make sure that there's no footprint what so ever.

What is Panda Proof technology?

We understand the importance of diversifying anchor text which is why we offer clients the ability for us to allocate 10% of your links towards unoptimized anchor text links. You need a natural backlink profile in order to dominate the SERPs, and we help you do that through our free Panda Proof functionality.